DOMA – Property Management in Mallorca

It is a sunny morning when I meet Inna Gurkova, founder and partner of the property management company DOMA that she runs together with her husband Ismael Moreno since 2015. With roots in Latvia and Russia, Inna came to Mallorca in 2006, driven by love. She started to work with Mallorcaresidencia in 2012 as a team assistant, and got a very good overview of the property market in Mallorca. Vivian (founder of Mallorcaresidencia) introduced her to the field of property management and Inna really enjoyed it and took over this task for the company. Some years later she started her own business and has since then been a great cooperation partner. Many of Mallorcaresidencia’s clients have hired DOMA’s services and are more than happy with them.

This morning I meet Inna in Santa Catalina where she has several apartments to take care of while the owners are away.

Inna, what brought you to Mallorca?

I met my future husband on holidays, and we decided to move here, where he has got roots. Now we have our family here, our business, and I am in love. She laughs.

Is there anything you don’t like about Mallorca?

The strong wind and lightnings.

Tell me about DOMA property management.

Ismael, my husband, and I run this business together. He used to work in hospitality, and I studied law and got introduced to the real estate on Mallorca. We both like maintenance and interior design, so it was a natural step for both of us to start up this company together.

Inna is smiling while she is talking, her expression is lively, and she continues:

95% of our clients are Swedish. Many people nowadays have an apartment here, but are away for many months, so they need someone to take care of their property.

What do you take care of?

Everything. Inna laughs again. For our membership clients we offer weekly check-ups, and we prepare the property for the client’s arrival. The weekly inspections might be the most important part of our work, as it is a service that intends to – and many times does – prevent any damage on your house. Mallorca has a humid climate, and the houses do have some characteristics that the client from Northern Europe might not be used to. That someone looks after your house on a weekly basis means that it will be opened and aired, plants watered, exterior drains cleaned, etc. We look at the weather forecast, and adjust our weekly check-ups according to the weather. Other services included if you are a member are: mail delivery, 30 minutes of free concierge service/month, preparing the apartment before arrival and closing up after departure, free estimates from our suppliers if anything needs to be fixed. Additional services are cleaning, laundry, gardening, plumbing, electrical services; everything that a property and its owner need to be happy. We can also help with communication with neighbours and community and attend community meetings. As an extra, if you recently bought a property we take care of all administrative work with change of contracts for the companies of water and electricity supply, as well as Internet installation etc. We can also step in for single services, but I highly recommend to become a member, as you will be given a high-quality service all year around.

What is your first recommendation to someone who is planning to buy a property on Mallorca?

No matter where the property is located, coast, inland or city, it is always worth to have a terrace. You will enjoy it a lot. And of course, I recommend to have someone that looks after your apartment or house when you are away. Strong rain, wind, or a bathroom flood from your neighbours’ could easily create bigger damages if it isn’t discovered and taken care of on time. We also deal with the insurance companies and communication with the neighbours.

No doubt, DOMA is offering a complete service to their clients, and you can be sure that everything will be taken care of, which allows you to relax and just enjoy your property on Mallorca even when you are away.


Tel: 0034 673028078 / 0034 620378367

Maria Larsson, Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

Last weekend I visited a very special spot on the north of the island. Almost hidden away, a 15 minutes’ drive from Alcudia, a large green natural area opens up and welcomes you to enjoy its beauty. It is Museo Sa Bassa Blanca, a museum of modern art with surrounding beautiful gardens, founded by Yannick and Ben Jakober, collectionists and artists.

This place is a lot more than a museum. Each corner of the house and the garden seems to have a special reason of being and a story to be told.

The art exhibitions can only be visited at certain hours and together with a guide, while the observatory can only be visited through prior reservation. The gardens are open Monday- Saturday and can be visited with or without guided tour. In the gardens, you can find different areas, such as a rose garden and a park of sculptures. Spring time is a good time for visiting, as everything is green and lush. In one beautiful corner of the garden you find the Wish Tree, inaugurated by Yoko Ono when she last visited the island. You may ask for a special sign in the reception where you can write your wish and tie it to a branch of the tree. I imagine the wishes are being nourished every day by the visitors’ breath and energy. The building itself, where the exhibitions halls are found, was built by the architect Hassan Fathy, on request by the Jakober couple, and according to the collections of artwork, doors, accessories, that they already had in the property. The house was built to fit in the different pieces from all over the world and it has become a unique building with a lot of history and anecdotes.

Close to the sea in Alcudia this is a very special gem, that inspires peace and creativity; well worth a visit.

Maria Larsson, Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Puerto Portals Farmers’ Market

Every Sunday in May from 10 to 16 o´clock

Fill your “senalla” (the typical Majorcan basket) with fresh and locally produced products in the Farmers’ Market in Puerto Portals, every Sunday in May! This is a market with a 0 km concept, 100% Majorcan. Find locally produced food, traditional handicrafts, and enjoy a natural brunch and different workshops, along with great music and a nice atmosphere.

One for One

There will be some fruit and vegetables marked with “One for One”. For each product bought within One for One, the same product will be added to the large charity basket that Puerto Portals will give weekly to the local NGO Mallorca Sense Fam, that supports children and families on Mallorca with limited resources. After the last crisis in Spain, and locally in Mallorca, the proposal was brought up to bring awareness and open up solidarity among all residents; bringing food from where there is an excess, to those who are in need.

Every Sunday there will be different activities both for children and for grown-ups:

Sunday May 6th:
11-12 o´clock Kanga Training Mallorca (open class)
12-15 o´clock Childrens’ corner: “Farmers’ Fun” with workshop “Plant a Wish”
13-15 o´clock Concert Tubatap
15-16 o´clock Storytelling

Let the island grant you to a meaningful life change



Mallorca invites you to slow down and enjoy its natural beauty. The island has become more and more attractive for people who want a change in their life. Many people move here from the bigger cities on the mainland of Spain, or from Northern Europe. What is it that we are looking for, beyond the sun and the warmer days? Northern people many times complain about the Spanish ”mañana mañana”, but isn’t it exactly that attitude that we all need more of? What is really that important that it can’t be postponed to tomorrow?

Close your eyes, breathe, and ask yourself.

My answer is that what can’t wait until tomorrow is Your Life, your breath, your health, your loved ones. However, that call, that meeting, that negotiation, I believe, CAN wait until the next day. And that is one of the reasons why I live here.

Mallorca has also become a hub for holistic retreats all year around. Maybe you are not planning to change your home base, but a break in your daily routine can be ever so essential and contribute to a deeper change in your life. The island invites you to make that pause, breathe and ask yourself if your life is the one that you want to live, and if not, how far away are you from your dreamlife? People have always retreated a few days from their daily routine, to reflect, to detox, to make rituals, all to be able to continue their lives in a more harmonious way. Now the island welcomes you with multiple options of yoga holidays, meditation camps, holistic retreats and walking tours through the quiet and beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana.

Apart from working at Mallorcaresidencia, I am also a yoga teacher, and the last four years I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Soller SUP, offering SUP Yoga in the calm bay of Port de Soller. It is a unique way to connect with nature and experience your body on the water, in balance and harmony with the surroundings.

In spring and summer, I normally organize a few workshops and retreats together with Bijan Anand, who is a coach and peace bringer, living in a beautiful finca far from any busy town. Through yoga, meditation, conversations and group work, these retreats offer a crucial point for personal growth. Of course, there is always also time to enjoy the garden or go to the beautiful beaches in the northern part of the island. Next time we meet will be on May 19th 2018 for a one day workshop in nature.

Every November I organize a walking and yoga long weekend with Mallorcahiking where we enjoy daily yoga and meditation, two nice guided walks, and lovely food and relax at Espléndido Hotel in Port de Sòller. Year around I give community yoga classes in front of the sea in Cala Nova, the meeting point is next to the Club Nautico every Sunday at 9 am.

For more information about my classes and retreats, please see or contact me.

Maria Larsson, Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Spring in the air – Cocktail and Vernissage at Mallorcaresidencia

On the 30 March 2018, we had the pleasure to host our first Vernissage at our office in Santa Catalina. The Norwegian artist Susanne Grenness Tronhus exposed several pieces of her suggestive and vivid art and the office was filled with color and mingling people. It was a great night, with a happy international atmosphere, many dear re-encounters, as well as meetings with new people. Our neighbouring restaurant Duke had prepared delicious finger-food, and everyone could enjoy a bite of the delicious Mediterranean taste, vegetarian, vegan or meat, all with the special experimental touch of one of our favourite chefs in town.

Susanne’s art has become very popular in Norway, and this was her second art exhibit here on Mallorca. She is experimenting with acrylics and collage in colorful compositions, getting inspired now by the special light on the island, which is totally different from the Nordic light.

As a team we had a lot of fun preparing and hosting this event, and we were happy to see everyone enjoy the Majorcan light evening. Thanks to everyone who came by!