Meet our sales agent Jan Hedengård


The second sales agent out is Jan Hedengård, our own sports star and former volleyball pro who is always calm and friendly.

Why do you like Mallorca? I like Mallorca because the light makes life easier. The fact that there are beaches and much more doesn’t make it any worse.”

Where do you live in Mallorca? I live in Son Espanyolet, Palma.”

What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time, I spend time with my family, drive our son to soccer / basketball and play padel.”

Which is your favourite restaurant on the island? My favourite restaurant on the island is Bar Andaluz in Arenal.”

Which is your favourite beach? Favourite beaches are Es Trenc, Playa de Muro and Paguera.”

Which are the two best villages in Mallorca? “Two best villages in Majorca? I do not have any particular favourites but the “classic villages” maybe, Deia, Fornalutx and Banyalbufar.”

If I could invite someone to lunch it would be…… “Michael Jordan or some random homeless person.”

My favourite place on the island would be….. “Palma, with everything offered here, and a typical tourist beach such as Arenal or Palmanova, in winter.”

Which is the best Spanish word? “The best Spanish expression is “ya hablamos”.

The biggest challenge of living in Mallorca is…. “nothing in particular, except maybe the fact that Mallorca is an expensive island and that it is far from where most of my friends live.”

Latest purchase…..the padel racket ”Bela-X”.

Life motto/Quote: from an old coach and friend – “Never be surprised!”

Which are your favourite properties right now? MF1873, MFP070C, MF2096, MF2042 and MF2092. All amazing properties in different price ranges!


Mirlinda Jonuzi

Mallorcaresidencia @ Team Assistant

Useful vocabulary when selling/purchasing property in Spain

When you sell, or buy property in Spain, you will come across words that are used extensively and which could be good to master. Below you will find a selection of the ones that we think are the most important to know.

Catastro – The Cadastre is an entity attached to the Ministry of Finance. This body functions as the administrative registry of each and every property in Spain. The Cadastre would be used to indicate the indications of any property, but cannot confirm the ownership of this. The main function is to act as a base for taxes such as IBI, Inheritance and Gift Tax or Transfer Tax.


Registro de la Propiedad – The Land Registry is an entity attached to the Ministry of Justice. This body confirms the ownership or who is the owner of any property that is registered in this register. The big difference between the Cadastre and the Land Registry is the latter one shows the ownership of a house or property. Therefore, the prevailing entity is the Land Registry. If you see that there are differences in surface areas between the Cadastre and the Registry, you should ask the Cadastre to make the necessary modifications.

Nota simple – Is a document issued by the Land Registry in order to provide the essential information contained in the Register on a specific property, such as who owns the property, any associated charges or encumbrances and any limitations of use it may have.


Ayuntamiento – The municipality is the corporation formed by the mayor and the councillors who are in charge of the political administration of a municipality. Its main functions are to attend and propose to the town hall sessions the measures they deem most appropriate to address municipal affairs. They issue the land rates and refuse receipts.

Notario público – Notaries are State civil servants required to provide citizens with the legal certainty within the context of extra-judicial legal dealings. They are also legal professionals practising under the rules of competition. This dual status guarantees their independence. In the exercise of his/her function, he/she draws up two generic types of documents, namely the Deeds and the Minutes. The Deed is the original instrument in which the notary records one or more legal acts (contracts, agreements, wills, unilateral declarations of will, etc.).


Escritura/Copia simple“Escritura” is a notarial instrument and public document in which before a notary public a certain fact or a right authorised by said notary public is performed, which he/she signs with the grantor or grantors, showing about the legal capacity of the content and the date in which it was performed. The public deed when selling or purchasing a property is always signed with a notary for example. “Nota simple” or the authentic copy is a public document signed by the Notary with the same value and effects as the public deeds or matrix.

Cédula de habitabilidad – The certificate of habitability is the administrative document that ratifies that a dwelling meets the basic conditions to be inhabited, that it is fit to be destined for human residence, without prejudice to the fact that other duly authorised activities are carried out in it. It is obligatory when renting and selling a house.


CEE(Certificado de Eficiencia Energética) The Energy Efficiency Certificate is a document required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for all housing to be rented or purchased by another person. This measure aims to achieve an energy improvement in all countries of the European Union. The energy certificate is mandatory in Spain from June 1, 2013 in order to rent or sell a property or business unit.

IBI ( Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) The land rates tax paid once every year. (see more in our blog Spanish taxes for non-resident property owners

Basuras – The refuse tax normally paid once a year. (see more in our blog Spanish taxes for non-resident property owners

Endesa – It is one of the three largest companies in the electricity sector in Spain. Endesa generates, distributes and markets electricity and natural gas.

Referencia catastral – The cadastral reference is the official and obligatory identifier of real estate. It consists of an alphanumeric code that is assigned by the Cadastre so that every property must have a unique cadastral reference that allows it to be placed unequivocally in the cadastral cartography.

Valor catastral – The cadastral value is an administrative value objectively determined for each real estate from the data that exist in the real estate cadastre and that is integrated by the cadastral value of the land and the cadastral value of the constructions art.

IRPF(Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas) is a progressive and direct personal tax levied on the income obtained in a calendar year by residents in Spain. Thus, it is a tax figure belonging to the Spanish tax system.

IRNR(Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes) The people who must pay this tax are individuals who have obtained income in Spain even if their tax residence is not in the country, for example, the income from real estate in Spanish territory, in other words, the money that may come from renting housing, among others. Model 210.


Agencia Tributaria (AEAT) – The Spanish Tax Authorities.

IVA(Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido) Is the VAT. It is paid when the property is delivered for the first time. First delivery” is understood to be those acquired from the developer after the construction of the property.

ITP(Impuesto de Transmissiones Patrimoniales) – The tax only applies to the purchase of a second-hand home between private individuals. Its declaration is made through the 600 form, with a tax rate and tax benefits determined by each community.

Plusvalía – Is a tax under Spain’s local tax system which is levied on the increase in the value of urban land revealed at the time of transfer.

It is the profit obtained as the result of a positive difference between the price at which a property was purchased and the price of its sale in an economic transaction or operation.


ITEInspección Técnica de Edificaciones It is the technical inspection of buildings is the inspection through which every building with a certain age has to pass in order to assess whether it meets all the safety requirements. This inspection must be carried out by a qualified technician who may be an architect or quantity surveyor. If the professional in charge of carrying out the inspection certifies that the building remains in good condition and meets all the necessary safety conditions, the ITE will be approved.

Comunidad de propietarios – Community of owners.



Gestoría – Is a company that offers administration management services to companies and self-employed. Every agency is managed, at least, by an administrative manager accredited by a professional association. They offer services such as dealing with your tax return in Spain, labour procedures, management of the accounting and invoicing of a business, management of the setting up of a company and much more.

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

The beautiful mountain village Galilea




The small village of Galilea is beautifully situated in the mountains in the southeast of Mallorca, between Puigpunyent and Capdellá. The village breathes a unique tranquility and the view is, to say the least, impressive from its 460 m above sea level. From here you can see the sea and the mountain Galatzo in the background.



The roads that take us to this picturesque village are small, curvy and despite the isolated and quiet location, the distance to Palma is only 18 km. About 300 people live in Galilea, many of them foreigners. The surrounding mountains are popular hiking trails and many stop in Galilea after the hikes to eat or to have something to drink. The cyclists who are brave enough to challenge the curvy roads, also find their way here. One of the most popular places in the village is the church which has a beautiful view. On the square by the church you will also find one of the few restaurants in the village.



Galilea is best known for its beautiful surrounding nature and views. For markets you can visit the nearby village of Calviá on Mondays, otherwise you will find a basic supply of food in Galilea. A perfect village for enjoying nature and tranquility!

Get to know our sales agent – Josephine Cederqvist


We at Mallorcaresidencia strive for a personal and close relationship with our customers. Therefore, we would like to introduce our devoted sales agents to you. Our first agent out is Josephine Cederqvist, with her contagious and constantly happy mood.


Why do you like Mallorca?

I like Mallorca because it is beautiful, small, safe, sunny and that the lifestyle is wonderfully relaxed. I grew up in the Gryt archipelago in Sweden and really appreciate being able to live near the sea.

Where do you live in Mallorca?

I live between Deia and Soller and also have an apartment in Palma. The best of both worlds! 

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to play padle, hang out with my partner and my children and hike in the mountains. I also like to travel.

Which is your favourite restaurant on the island?

Adrian Quetglas at Paseo Mallorca in Palma.

Which are the two best villages in Mallorca?

Deia and Port de Soller.

If I could invite anyone to lunch it would be … my grandmother who was absolutely wonderful and who passed away ten years ago.

My favourite place on the island is….. the coastal route between Deia and Soller. Amazingly beautiful scenery and crystal clear water. A must is to hike from Soller to Deia along the water. Unbeatable!

Which is the best Spanish word?

Mañana which means tomorrow. It symbolises the lifestyle here. It’s all right to postpone things for the next day. The word mañana can also be the worst Spanish word, because you have to be patient and accept that things can take some time. However, the positive outweighs the negative and you rarely see stressed and burned out Spaniards on the island.

The biggest challenge of living in Mallorca…. is that I am far away from my big family in Sweden. I miss them every day!

Last purchase?

A lot of Christmas presents for my kids!

Life motto/Quote:

Laugh and be happy and don’t take life so seriously. We have only one!

Which are your favourite properties right now?

MF2121, MF1588, MF2114, MF2115. I could live in each one of them!


The theme of sustainability and the environment is very close to our heart at Mallorcaresidencia. Especially the topic of water and the possibility of eliminating the use of single us of plastic bottles through sustainable methods is something that we consider important.

The Swedish-Mallorcan company DEIAX-AQUOS® specializes in water purification, treatment, sterilization and dispensing solutions. Their mission is to provide the most secure, sustainable and technological water purification – treatment solutions in the Balearic Islands. Their service includes analysis of water, advice, installation and preventive maintenance programs.

Their purifiers are from Bluewater and have a patented Swedish technology of the latest generation which, is known as SuperiorOsmosis™. The benefits of this technology is not only economical but also removes bad taste, dangerous particles, nitrates, heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine, micro-plastics, bacteria and viruses. In this way, the use of single use plastic bottles is eliminated. Their products can reduce water consumption up to 280% compared to traditional reverse osmosis technology.

If you are interested in using their service at home, in the office or on your boat, the water will first be analysed by their certified staff and then proceed according with the water’s characteristics and recommend the type of water purifier, softener, sterilizers and water dispenser that best suits your needs.

Their store and showroom is located in Portals Nous where you can taste the water. They also have technical service available 365 days a year. The staff speak several languages ​​and have more than 20 years of experience in the field. DEIAX- AQUOS® strives to provide the best possible service and products and still respect our ecosystems.


Carretera de Andratx 32, local 4, Portals Nous

0034 971 778 360

Christmas markets in Mallorca

Puerto Portals

December 18th to 6th of January

The annual Christmas market in Puerto Portals begins on December 18th and runs until January 6th. It is one of the most popular Christmas markets on the island and offers activities for the children, Christmas sweets and food from a variety of countries, live music and a wide variety of Christmas presents for all ages. Don’t miss their ice skating rink!


Plaza Major

November 21th to 6th of January

Plaza Major is home to this traditional Spanish Christmas market with a large selection of decoration and gifts. Try the churros with chocolate and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. There is also a carousel and trampoline for the children to enjoy.


La Rambla

29th of december to 7th of January

This traditional Christmas market is located at La Rambla in central Palma. The street is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and is well worth a visit.



14th-15th of December

Discover the quaint little village of Alaró during the Christmas market which lasts for two days. Here you can find traditional products from Mallorca, a large selection of sweets and a fantastic Christmas atmosphere.


Pueblo Español

5th of December to 15th of December

The Christmas market in Pueblo Español is very popular. It is celebrated in the special building which is a replica of various Spanish buildings. The market holds high quality in both decoration and selection of products. It is open between 12.00 and 23.00 from the 5th of December to the 15th of December and the admission fee is 5 euros for adults and children under 12 have free admission.


Johanna Andersson

Team Assistant @ Mallorcafaresidencia

7 top beaches in Majorca

There are many lovely beaches in Majorca to discover and worth visiting. Here below you will find a selection of some of our favourite beaches to visit.

Playa Formentor

Playa de Formentor is in the top 3 of the beaches of Europe and in the top 25 of the best sandbanks in the world. It is located in the north-eastern part of Majorca. With its about 1 kilometre long white sand beach and sparkling green-blue waters, framed by a wooded landscape and views of the Tramuntana, this is truly a paradise beach. The beach is very popular with tourists who also make their way north for the scenic views at the Cap de Formentor, the farthest point on the island that ends in a lighthouse, and from where you can see Menorca on clear days. The water is shallow and there are rarely waves here, which is nice for small children. Some areas of the beach can get rocky but otherwise it’s easily accessible. People of all ages enjoy this beach.

Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó is a beach about 10 kilometres from Santanyí consisting of sand, stones and rock, located in the southeast of Majorca. It is framed in a wild landscape, surrounded by pine forest, with fine white sand and incredibly crystalline waters and turquoise colour. In addition, its waters are shallow which makes it an ideal place to go as a family. It was declared a natural park in 1992, protecting the area from development and mass tourism.

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is the largest sand beach in Majorca (covering nearly six kilometres) located on the northeast coast of the island. It has shallow clear blue water and white sand dunes. This is a popular beach for families because of its easy access, the long boardwalk with cafes, restaurants, hotels, onsite facilities, kids focused activities, shops, small parks and the exceptionally shallow waters which allow you to walk quite far before it gets deep.

Es Trenc

This is one of the best know beaches on the island located in the south part of Majorca. The water is spectacular with its turquoise clear blue colour that is more typical of a Caribbean island. This is a beach for nature lovers who will enjoy the wild beauty and remoteness of the beach. The beach is backed up by sand dunes, some rocky outcroppings, shrubs and pine and a beautiful, 1500-hectare natural wetland with salt flats, birds and a small lake. The beach is popular for tourists and locals, and it is not uncommon to find naturists here, particularly further off from the main crowds.

Cala Varques

Cala Varques is a 90-metres cove beach located in the southeast of the island not far away from Portocolom. With its white sand, deep blue water, surrounded by low, rocky cliffs and trees, it is popular with locals and tourists. It is a favourite beach among naturists as well but a less family-friendly beach since it does not have any restaurant facilities.

Portals Vells

This is another small cove beach on the southwest coast of the island. It is a very calm and peaceful beach visited by both locals as well as tourists. Due to its small size, there are generally fewer crowds. There is a limited number of umbrellas and sun beds. There are toilets onsite and one large restaurant serving nice beach food.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is one of the most magical corners of Majorca, a beach of fine white sand embraced by rocks, dunes and pines creating a unique natural environment, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago. An accessible beach, beautiful and surprising as well as comfortable, since it has good services and facilities such as sun beds, parasols and good restaurants. It is an ideal place to go as a family, although its level of occupation is usually high in high season. On the side of the beach, near the rocks, nudism is usually practiced.

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

NIE number in Spain

NIE card before and now

To move to, or at least purchase a property in Spain, is a dream come true for many foreigners nowadays. One of the first things you would have to do is apply for a NIE number, which you will need by the time you sign the deeds before the notary. What is a NIE number then? The Spanish NIE number acts as a tax and identification number, and is used in all fiscal transactions that involve the Spanish tax office. A NIE number is mandatory for all foreigners with financial, professional or social affairs in Spain, regardless of whether they are a resident or non-resident in Spain.

How does one apply for the Spanish NIE number? There are three ways to apply for it:

1. Apply in person.

2. Apply in person via a Spanish Consulate abroad.

3. Apply through a representative in Spain.

1. Applying for a NIE number in person.

Firstly, you would have to prepare the necessary documentation:

  • Two copies of the Ex-15 application form filled out and signed.
  • An original document (plus a photo copy) that justifies the reason for applying for a NIE number, specifically, of the existence of economic, professional, or social interests in Spain (such as a purchase contract for property, mortgage approval etc.)
  • For EU-nationals, your passport and photo copy of the main page and for Non-EU-nationals, your passport, a photo copy of your entire passport and proof of your legal entry in Spain

Secondly, you need to go in person to the appropriate place of submission, such as the immigration offices or a local police station, with all your documentation, print the form “Modelo 790 codigo 012”, pay a small tax at the nearest bank and then the application process should be completed.

Modelo 790-012

Lastly, once you have applied you will be given an official receipt and told when and where to pick it up. The time it takes varies. The NIE certificate that you receive eventually is actually only valid for three months. However, the allocated NIE number is unique to you, and will be yours for life.

2. Applying for an NIE number in person via a Spanish Consulate abroad.

Preparation of the necessary documentation as described above under point 1., but the exception that the Ex-15 application form should be duly completed but NOT SIGNED as you will need to sign in the presence of a consular official.

You need to take all the documentation in person to your nearest Spanish Consulate which will forward it to the competent authority in Spain, who will then issue your NIE number. The consulate itself has no authority to issue any NIE numbers and only works as a middle hand. Therefore, once you have submitted your application with them you will have to await notification from the Spanish authorities. If all goes well you should receive your NIE number in PDF format by email within 2-3 weeks.

3. Apply through a representative in Spain

You can also authorize a third party, a legal representative, to obtain your NIE number on your behalf. There are several companies that offer this service such as “gestorías” and law firms. Once authorized they take care of the whole process for you. You will however need to provide them with the following:

  • Grant them with a power of attorney (“poder”) or an authorisation form.
  • Provide them with a notarised copy of your passport (“copia legalizada”) which is simple and cheap to do.

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Top “chiringuitos” in Mallorca

When summer arrives, one of the best options is to approach the beach, enjoy the sun and the sea and, if possible, have a drink on the beach. Mallorca has a wide range of beach bars, the so called “chiringuitos” where you can have a snack, munch something or even enjoy haute cuisine. Here are some of our tips:

Il Chiringo

Il Chiringo

Il Chiringo, located in Palmanova and its cool chilled-out atmosphere offers very good food and an excellent service. This place gets crowded especially during weekend nights in summer when they have a DJ in place.

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau is the name of the beach bar located right on the soft sand of the small bay with the very same name, between Porto Colom and Cala d’Or.  On the menu, you have everything from meat dishes, fresh fish, snacks, natural juices or cocktails. At weekends, you can dance to live music or to music from the DJ.

Cala Sa Nau

Roxy’s Beach Bar

Roxy’s Beach Bar

Roxy’s Beach Bar, is the place to go to if want to enjoy a lovely glass of cava or a fresh “sangría”, whilst watching the beautiful marina in Puerto Portals. This is a very popular beach bar frequently visited by both locals and tourists.

El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito is one of the most popular ‘chiringuitos’ among locals and offers amazing views over Sa Foradada and a chilled atmosphere. The sunset here is breath taking and something you must experience at least once in your life.

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Mallorcaresidencia joined the Cleanwave movement

Mallorcaresidencia has decided to ride the wave towards a plastic free world and have therefore joined the Cleanwave movement which aims to preserve the Mediterranean Sea and to eliminate the daily use of all plastic bottles.

Cleanwave is a dynamic movement of likeminded individuals who recognise the urgent need to provide sustainable alternatives to single use disposable plastic bottles on the Balearics and beyond. In the Balearic Islands, we consume 1.5 million plastic bottles a day.

Cleanwave believes that drinking water should be freely accessible and set out to minimize plastic waste through the sale of stainless steel bottles, sustainably sourced and produced with minimum environmental impact and easy to clean. Being one of Cleanwave’s refill stations, you can purchase the bottle with us. The Cleanwave bottle is not a once-off purchase – it is a way of life! Let us all ride the Cleanwave!

Mirlinda Januzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

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